Bad News

12 February 2009

Yesterday morning, Darren and I was greeted with a nightmarish email from D’sire. It will be ceasing its operations with effect from 15th February. The remaining contract would be fulfilled by another bridal studio – The Wedding Present (TWP). Our makeup artist, Cindy and photographer, Leslie would continue to fulfil our package through TWP. The gowns we chose would be transferred there too. But further details would be discussed when Dennes arranges for a meeting with us and the designer for TWP – Patrick.

We met Dennes today evening. We wanted to ask for a refund so that we would not need to suffer the fate of being a ‘second class citizen’ in TWP. We were also quite fearful that we would need to top up a lot of extra money for this and that… But after meeting Dennes, he assured us that the contract would be fulfilled accordingly. And if we have any queries, we can iron out with Patrick when we meet. Well, we feel kind of helpless in a way… there’s not much of an option really… But we are grateful that Dennes is doing his best to get something arranged for us.

Seriously he could have packed up and disappeared, no one would find him and he need to plan a thing. But he did at least find a “looks” respectable kind of bridal studio of his brides and assure them that the contract will be fulfilled accordingly.I am not sure how TWP is like yet, have not seen them or researched on them yet, but from the website, they seem alright. I guess we will need to meet up with them to know how nice they are.


On a personal note, I feel quite sad for Dennes that things turn out this way. I mean, for a person who is passionate about his works, but is forced to wind up and see his designs, his gowns packed off to another place… its really sad. Surely hope he come back again to share his beautiful gowns and dresses with brides in future.

Gowns from D’sire:



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