Week 34 – A new gynae and A celebration

Time seems to fly.

And soon I will be popping.. Quite a scary thought.

I had a friend who just popped last week and well its all done deal in a day (or two, if you count all the contractions and what not). So yeah, the ordeal is not that bad, considering we do get over it at some point.

I had a change of gynae and met him for the first time last week. Reason for the change was becuase the regular gynae I was consulting was moving from public hospital to private practise. Time was pretty sensitive and I decided to stay on with the hospital since my due is like “anytime soon”. The new gynae was pretty nice, guess comfortable enough for me to entrust my delivery to him. Well, to be honest, I am not sure how to gauge whats a really good and not so good gynae. But i am happy I dun have to know, because sometimes subconsciously that means my pregnancy is normal and there’s not much to bother me.

Therefore we did our pre-admissions and what nots, in preparation for the little prince’s arrival. 😉

Then hubby and I did a little intimate photoshoot to celebrate the little prince’s healthy growth and in anticipation to his arrival.

Honestly I am getting really excited over the myriads of things I will be doing and planning as a mother. Like how to decorate his nursery, what to prepare, did i miss out anything, how is his baby shower going to be like etc etc… Well a little far fetched maybe… and it doesnt do my pocket much good. Like the whole pregnancy + wat nots what nots actually do cost quite a bit of money.

So lets see what happens. 😉



5 thoughts on “Week 34 – A new gynae and A celebration

  1. LOL! Yeah, took quite a bit of guts to “show my face”. 🙂 But glad to be sharing a little facet of my life! How have you been? 🙂

  2. Hee, great display picture. 😉
    wish you already put up pictures when you were blogging about ur wedding and new place then!

    life’s ok~ 😉

  3. LOL! Yes I wished too. Maybe thats why iPhone’s are such life changing device. Back then to take pix (on hp or on camera), upload to the com, blog and add pix seems to be such a hassle – that I couldn’t keep up with the “troublesome” routine as much as I wanted to share more. 🙂 Hehe! 😉

    You settled with your wedding and new place already? 🙂

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