That Moment

When I realised what I stand for, 

Was not my team. Was not my job. Was not my function. 

But I stood for kindness and love; the good vibe and “life” to all who interacts with the brand name. 

Lol. Without me, it was without it. 

What I want 

What do I wanna do?

Today a friend suggested that I should do more right brain stuff, like photography perhaps. 

He said maybe I like creating things and that humans always feel a sense of satisfaction when we create. True. 

He asked what is it I really really want to do? That I might have forgotten. I don’t know – now. Hahah. 

Thinking…. Maybe I should travel and see more of the world. Unwind my brain and see where it really brings me. See where my true happiness lies. I should do a Photog trip and see what I shoot. And perhaps it’s time to do mobile app programming. Hahhaa. 

I count my blessings for all the friends who spend time with me and help me discover myself. 


Been 2 months. 

I’m still digesting, still having doubts, still finding my bearings. 

I am not sure why this time it seems like a different kind of challenging. I’m older, I’m wiser, some things I’m more certain of than before. 

Maybe I have ‘less’ friends with me to keep me afloat all throughout, maybe i have really put up a long and good fight…. That I’m all spent and exhausted. Maybe I’m questioning my real value and worth, wondering what people see in me and love. 

Maybe I should determine my own value and never peg it to other people ever again. 

Scary Shit

The scariest thing in life is actually ignoring all warning signs that you are heading for danger. 

Like u know there’s a chance shit will happen. But u are just counting your lucky stars that one chance where shit won’t happen, will prevail. 

Some call it an adventure. Some call it stupidity.

Where money is concerned, some called it investment. Some called it gambling.

Where love is concerned, there’s no other way but to call it stupid. Lol.

How? Do you take that chance you might soar and feel things you never felt before? Or Do you forgo it cuz there’s a chance you will fall and get hurt? 

Leaving and Letting Go

After about 10 months, the adventure came to an end.

It was an intense journey. Lotsa joy, lotsa happiness, some amount of joy.

I think i spent a good part of my journey defending and pursuing its cause. Now its time to take a break. A good one.